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The top 10 things overheard at housing registration:

10: "No, you can't just set up a tent on the field."

9: "Sorry, you can't go back to Aurelius."

8: "Are those life-size replicas of Bonnie and Gerry outside of Alcuin?"

7: "Did Woody sign up for the cafeteria again?"

6: "24 people in a block. 24 beers in a case. Coincidence?

5: "My floor's a mess. Where do I sign up for one of those brooms?"

4: "Can we register an entire building?"

3: "Where's the bar?"

2: "I signed up for Rooney 'cause I heard the rooms are sweet."

1: "I'll trade you my first round pick for two third rounders and a piece of furniture to be named later."