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>From the home office near a salad bar somewhere in space,

The top ten ways to get your meal priviledges revoked:

10: Try a Batman entrance into the cafeteria.

9: Pay for a cookie at the Shack with a $20 bill. Everyday.

8: Sit at the salad bar, conspire with the lettuce in an attempt to take over
the cafeteria, and refuse to leave when it closes, claiming that it's
your new throne.

7: Take more than one entree without coming back for the second one.

6: Get caught making a castle out of cafeteria dishes, trays, silverware,
and glasses---In your room.

5: Wear every piece of food you can find and yell "Eat Me!"

4: Have a Dole rally in the cafeteria--For the bananas, not Bob.

3: Train for the latest olympic event: See how high you can jump on
those bouncy chairs. Pile up burgers to jump over.

2: Have a vegetable rights rally around the salad bar.

1: Convince Charles to move into the cafeteria.