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The top ten similarities between Woody Eagle and the Pittsburgh Penguins:

10: Woody Eagle & Tom Barasso both spent lots of time in the net.
9: Like Penguins, Woody Eagle doesn't really fly.
8: When Mike Lange announces on the radio "Barasso says no", it reminds Woody Eagle of his latest attempt at a girl.
7: Think the Penguins spent a lot of time around the opposing net? Thy pulling Woody Eagle out of the cafeteria.
6: Obvious similarities in size and build.
5: If Woody Eagle gets any crazier, he'll need all that padding.
4: Woody Eagle is offsides after midnight.
3: Words of Mike Lange can be used as a firefighting reference: "He takes the heat out of a hot kitchen!"
2: Like the Pens this year, Woody Eagle has very few ties.
1: Wimmer studio much resembles a penalty box.