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The top ten reasons to listen to Woody Eagle:

10:  Beach Boys music will take your mind off the recent cold weather. 
9:  If there's ever a tenth caller, maybe he'll get a prize! 
8:  Mentally disturbed DJ gets a chance to talk over the air instead of talking to himself. 
7:  Requests at x-2301! There's even a chance that I might have your request! 
6:  What else are you gonna do? Study?!? 
5:  Free advice. (Hug a DJ daily) 
4:  Special guests from faculty! (I've had Uncle Larry and Dr. Turner) 
3:  You know she's good looking when... jokes 
2:  Hear somebody who has worse luck dating than you! 
1:  At the end of the show, if nobody's there to relieve me, I relieve myself!