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The top ten sports terms used at Saint Vincent College:

10: Taunting. (Freshmen live in a dump!)
9: Offsides. (Used after midnight, or 2:00 on weekends, or 1:00 this past Saturday night when some prefects decided they don't care if they were supposed to turn their clocks back because they wanted to sleep, and we wouldn't want any stray visitors detracting from our prefects' sleep, or their power for that matter.
8: Delay of game. (You just witnessed it.)
7: Ineligable food downfield. (More than one entree.)
6: Prevent Defense. (Limited Access.)
5: Offense. (Charles.)
4: Illegal use of the car. (Anything you do on campus with a vehicle.)
3: Pit stop. (When you have a few minutes to eat before class.)
2: Fumble. (What I do when I think I have the ball, if you know what I mean.)
1: Gatorade Bath. (On some of those weekends, you just can't tell the difference.)