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The top ten cool things of being seven feet tall:

10: Don't have to watch the weather forecast because you already know it.

9: People look up to you because they have to.

8: Don't have to worry about getting lost in a crowd, especially at SVC on weekends.

7: You can hold a flashlight near Latrobe Airport and change landing patterns

6: You can get in line at the cafeteria and know what you're in line for.

5: Those growth charts from your childhood now being studied by Saint Vincent College Biology Department.

4: Woody Eagle's jokes still go over your head.

3: Have a bald spot? No problem!

2: If you moon somebody, it's at eye level.

1: You can be the star center at an Educational community rooted in the tradition of the Catholic faith, the heritage of Benedictine monasticism, and the love of values inherent in the Liberal approach to life and learning.