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The top ten signs you've been listening to Woody Eagle too long:

10: You've been caught whistling a beach boys tune in the halls.
9: Roommate won't let you touch the remote control anymore.
8: You've failed every test that you've had on a Friday morning.
7: Your Thursday night class teacher asks why you never show up before the last hour of class.
6: You bring a TV to night class with a cable wire stretching all the way back to your room.
5: Each time you hear the infamous voice of Woody Eagle, you immediately drop to your hands and knees and begin to bark like a dog.
4: Before putting in a CD, you say something goofy about the upcoming song.
3: You start recognizing symptoms of "you know she's good looking when..." jokes.
2: You've hired a lawyer with intentions of suing Woody Eagle for killing your brain cells.
1: You're found sleeping on the field with a blood alcohol level of zero.