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The top ten Things Overheard at the Pecoraro Wedding

10: "Did you see Pecoraro hitting on that chick in the white dress?"

9: "So I was putting on the ring ... hey, did anyone see the game yesterday ... remember when we were in school and ... I was looking at this one website ... but the logical way ... I was in a Dodge Ram ... "

8: "Why does Chris have a name tag at every table?"


6: "Who would have thought Woody would still be single?"

5: "Now that the wedding is out of the way, what else is on the agenda for this meeting of Mu Beta Psi?"

4: "This DJ must be new. I don't remember hearing him on WSVC."

3: "D'oh! I forgot to mail the 'single girl' stack of invitations."

2: "What do you mean, 'for old time's sake', Woody? We never did that in college."

1: "Good thing these pants are adjustable."